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Behind The Scenes…

Tuesday 12th December
Behind The Scenes… We are SO pleased to be able to share that James and Ola Jordan are now part of team SlimFast! Our first ever celebrity couple!
The glamourous pair have achieved an amazing 32 pound weight loss between them in just 3 months. They truly believe they were able to stay motivated by working as a team and encouraging each other along the way. Read their story. 
We are thrilled with our recent pictures and couldn’t wait to share some sneak peaks from behind the scenes…

We think you’ll all agree they both look sensational, we of course had to get them dancing!
Lots of outfits to choose from, we think James secretly enjoyed dressing up just as much as Ola. We have to say he looked rather suave in his suit!

A quick lunch time pit stop, slurp of water and a make-up re-touch and we were good to go…Ola and James both love our meal replacement bars as they love the convenience of being able to eat on the go. They are about to start training for their new show in 2018 so love that they can take a bar or shake to rehearsals.

Not many of us get to work with our loved ones, it would drive some of us mad in fact but this duo are such a team. They are supportive, honest and know how to get the best out of each other.

Ola and James are very focused and had a specific goal in mind, everyone has a personal target to keep them motivated. Their top tip is to set short and long term goals. Need some extra motivation? Give us a call or join our amazing Facebook Community.
Give it a go and see what you could achieve!

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