Ola and James Jordan before
Ola and James Jordan after

Ola and James Jordan


SIZE BEFORE: Ola: Size 10 | James: 34 inch waist
SIZE AFTER: Ola: Size 8 | James: 32 inch waist


Ola and James Jordan – professional dancers and TV personalities were our first ever celebrity couple, they started following the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan in September 2017 and in just 3 months they have lost a whopping 32 pounds (over 2 stone) between them! Our gorgeous couple were thrilled with their weight loss, they encourage you to take on the challenge with a loved one or a friend as they believe this was key to their success.
“Since leaving Strictly Come Dancing back in 2015 my weight has certainly fluctuated, doing less exercise but eating the same food (if not more!) took its toll.
James and I love takeaways and were frequently indulging in Indian or fast food followed by some chocolate or a cheeky glass of wine. I knew the weight was creeping on but I wasn’t ready to admit it
I’m only 5ft 3 so every pound shows on me – I’ve even been asked if I was pregnant, to which I just had to say no I’ve just put on weight. I was devastated!”
I’ve never really had to diet in my whole life, until now. Since leaving Strictly Come Dancing I had developed bad habits - biscuits with every cup of tea plus three sugars in each cuppa, enjoying wine with dinner – I realised I was on a slippery slope. After seeing the photos in a National newspaper my heart sank, I knew it was time to focus – I had a belly overhang!
We wanted a structured plan that was scientifically proven to ensure we were getting all the vitamins and nutrients that our body needed, SlimFast was the perfect solution. It has provided us with a simple and effective way to stay on track and achieve our goals.
We tend to start the day with a SlimFast Strawberry or Chocolate ready-to-drink shake or a SlimFast Chocolate Crunch meal replacement bar – so quick and easy when we’re on the go! The SlimFast Sour Cream & Chive Pretzels are always a winner as a savoury snack or the Chocolate Caramel Treat bar is our favourite for a sweet treat.”
“With our dance tour kicking off in March (2018) we had a clear goal, we knew we had to focus, lose the weight and be ‘show fit’ in time. SlimFast has given us the flexibility and structure we need to achieve our goal.
“So far, we have both lost 32lbs between us and we feel fantastic.  Our energy levels are sky high and our confidence is back.  We’re ready to return to the glitz and glamour of the dance floor.”

Ambassadors: December 2017 - June 2018

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