What is Keto?

Friday 16th October
What is Keto?

Heard about keto but keto-tally confused about what it is? Look no further – whether you’re a Keto connoisseur, keto curious or just looking for some keto inspo, you’re in the right place.
So what’s it all about? The keto lifestyle means getting most of your calories from fats, keeping carbs low and also ensuring you get a good amount of protein too. Due to the high fat intake, over time this shifts the body’s energy source from carbs to fats AKA ‘ketosis’. Check out our handy chart that makes it oh-so-simple.

What can you eat in a keto lifestyle?
You can enjoy plenty of fab foods on the keto diet! Meat, oily fish, full fat dairy, nuts, seeds, avocados, oils and of course plenty of vegetables and low sugar fruit. You’ll be keto confident in no time with our keto ready recipes and products or check out our favourite keto friendly foods.


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