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Top Tips from our #SlimFastSmashers!

Monday 9th March
Top Tips from our #SlimFastSmashers! It's the first day of Spring this Friday, and we can't wait for some sunny vibes, al fresco dining and the run-up to Summer! The SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan is perfect to help you hit those Spring/Summer goals; whether it's for a holiday, big party, or just so you feel and look FAB-u-lous!
To get started simply choose one of our Starter Kits, join the closed SlimFast Challenge Facebook Group, and get involved with the chat! You will find so many other SlimFast Smashers on their weight loss journeys, all of them offering their support and advice; check out the top 5 tips to starting from the Facebook Group,
  1. Set mini targets - setting one goal might seem a little daunting, write down some milestones to achieve along the way.
  1. Buddy up - start with a friend, or buddy up in the group, it’s easier to work as a team and you’ll have a laugh together.
  1. Take the batteries out – leave the scales until the end of the week; you might not see a change every day, so set yourself a weigh day each week and stick to it.
  1. Get creative - mix up the shake flavours to create your own #SlimFastTwists, swap in different 100 calorie snacks, and look for some healthy 600 calorie meal inspo, (try the NEW SlimFast Food Not FOMO Recipe Book).
  1. Get moving - walk instead of driving, take the stairs, sign up to an exercise class... The more you move, the better! 
Give the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan a go, and see what you could achieve!

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