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Kelly Brook! Introducing our New SlimFast Ambassador

Monday 14th January
Kelly Brook! Introducing our New SlimFast Ambassador

Our 2019 has started with a bang! We’re so excited to welcome our new celeb ambassador Kelly Brook!

The model, actress and presenter started her weight loss journey with the NEW SlimFast Advanced Vitality 4 in 1 Action and has lost an incredible 15lbs and 4 inches from her hips, dropping two dress sizes. How fab does she look?
Your jeans are a bit tight, you feel sluggish and you see a photo of yourself you don’t like. Even the glamorous Kelly can relate to this— it was when she started feeling uncomfortable in her favourite skinny jeans and bodycon dresses that she decided it was time to make a change. She has openly admitted to tweaking photos on her phone when she doesn’t like what she sees.

Since starting her SlimFast Journey, her confidence has sky-rocketed. “I feel on top of the world and I’m really proud with the real me. Now I can wear what I fancy rather than what will fit. I’m back to my best and back into my favourite pair of skinny jeans.” Kelly has tried losing weight in the past with other diets and feels that this is the first plan she’s tried that actually works for her and fits easily into her busy working day.

It’s not just about the weight I’ve lost.  It’s also about the confidence and happiness I’ve gained along the way and I think that shines through on camera.” Be sure to check out Kelly in our brand-new TV Ad!

Find out more about our NEW SlimFast Advanced Vitality 4 in 1 Action and how it has helped Kelly get back to feeling her best here.



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