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Slim Wins: Top 10 Tips for Getting back on track

Thursday 27th December
Slim Wins: Top 10 Tips for Getting back on track Slim Wins are all about those little tips and achievable steps that can help you get back on track after Christmas. No matter how big or small, celebrate every weight loss success and Slim Win— your frame of mind can make all the difference! Turn Jan blues into can-do’s with these 10 simple tips:

1.) Water, water, water! If you really struggle with water, try adding some fruit or infuse with a flavored tea bag. Step away from the fizzy drinks or at least reduce your intake, you’ll be surprised!

2.) Keep track of your calories with a food diary, sometimes we pick away at foods without even realizing we are doing it.

3.) Take the dog for a walk or go for a stroll – cravings will pass – distract yourself!

4.) Pimp your shake – check out some of Linda Lusardi’s creations on our Instagram page – delicious!

5.) Get excited about your evening meal – you can still eat on the 3.2.1. Plan. Make the most of your evening meal, experiment with new recipes.

6.) Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym—recognize the value of things you already do around the house! For example, 30 minutes of vacuuming is equal to 15 minutes of kick-boxing.

7.) Get your zzzz s! Those who don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night spend an extra 8.7 minutes per day snacking.

8.) Golden rule for ‘hunger’— remember that if you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re not hungry! We often confuse thirst with hunger.

9.) Mix up your 100kcal snacks! Always be prepared so you are prepped when the munchies call! Extra tip: cut your snacks into bite sized pieces and/or use a smaller plates or containers…it’s a mind trick that helps control hunger! Try these tasty muffins to get you started. 

10.) Join our SlimFast Challenge Facebook group for a safe space to share your success, questions or just for general support from other SlimFast Smashers!
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