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Introducing our new SlimFast celeb couple - Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane

Tuesday 14th August
Introducing our new SlimFast celeb couple - Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane Say hello and welcome to our new celeb couple Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane! Our duo have lost an impressive 2.5 stone on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan.

With 2018 being a momentous year for both Linda and Sam they wanted to look and feel their best. With Linda’s big 6-0, Sam’s big 5-0 and their 20th wedding anniversary there is a lot to celebrate.

Linda has always been an advocate of SlimFast and has used our products throughout her life. Post babies, to get holiday/role ready and this year she decided after struggling with the “stubborn stone” post menopause, she’d turn to her trusty SlimFast. She set herself the goal of getting back into her fav red dress for her 60th, a dress she bought over thirty years ago! We think you’ll agree she looks sensational.

Sam has always felt pressure to stay in shape working as an actor and entertainer but hasn’t really had to diet much in the past. Maintaining weight was proving increasingly difficult. Sam decided it was time to make a change and decided to join his gorgeous wife and take on the SlimFast Challenge. Working to a Christmas goal, Sam has combined the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan, walking more and swimming. So far, he’s lost a whopping 21 pounds and he is well on his way to achieving his target weight, bravo mr!

Both Linda and Sam agree the ease, convenience and flexibility of the plan was key to their success. They are such a team and helped each other throughout their journey.

If you need some extra motivation/support don’t forget you can always drop us a line on 0800 5874471, send us a message or join our amazing Facebook community! We are here to help you boss your SlimFast journey.

Join us in congratulating Linda and Sam


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