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Wellbeing Walkies

Monday 5th February
Wellbeing Walkies 45% of UK dogs are classed as overweight, it is not just man but his best friend who needs to help shift the festive pounds.
Here at SlimFast HQ we are all dog lovers and were amazed at how high this stat was. Now we all love to give our pets the occasional treat, similar to how we love to give ourselves the occasional (sometimes more than occasional) treat.
We were shocked to find that almost half of us (45%) deny our precious pups their daily walk! At this point we had heard enough and knew it was time to do something about it!
Introducing… ‘Wellbeing Walkies’ a workout designed especially for you and your dog.
SlimFast have joined forces with Power Paws Fitness. Amber Chich (founder of Power Paws), is our amazing personal trainer, she has created the workouts consisting of aerobic exercise, HIIT training, DOGA (that’s yoga for cool canines;-)) and pilates.

What better way to kick-start your weight loss and keep you motivated then getting out and active with your adorable four-legged friend!? 

Our fabulous ambassador Alexandra Burke (who has successfully maintained her 2 stone weight loss) fully supports our Wellbeing Walkies campaign and actively encourages you to get out and get active with your pups. Alex took part in our first ever Wellbeing Walkies workout. She is a huge dog lover and has 4 dogs herself, little Alfie is becoming a star in his own right, he has already featured in our SlimFast Vegan Vitality Advert.

 “My dogs absolutely love the Wellbeing Walkies workout, which is a huge motivation to keep going, and it complements the SlimFast plan perfectly because it empowers easy, do-able weight loss that can slot into my everyday lifestyle. Working out in the fresh air with friends is so much more enjoyable especially for those that struggle going to the gym, and when time is of the essence it makes perfect sense to build my workout into my daily dog walk. Seeing my dogs happy makes me happy, so it’s a win, win for all of us!”

Take a look at our first Wellbeing Walkies workout here.
Download the Wellbeing Walkies Workout so you can take on the challenge!

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