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SlimFast Smash It Challenge With Alexandra Burke

Wednesday 30th January
SlimFast Smash It Challenge With Alexandra Burke We are so excited to be on various radio stations today with our gorgeous ambassador; Alexandra Burke. Listen out for her talking about her experience on SlimFast, SlimFast Maintenance Plan and all things Smash It Challenge.
We conducted a survey to understand how victory moments can help inspire others starting their weight loss journey. We discovered that a favourite ‘Yes I Can’ victory moment for the UK is the infamous Rocky Balboa scene when he sprints up the stairs at the end of his training session.
We want everyone to use the power of positive thinking and achieve their very own ‘personal best’.
Alexandra Burke says, “When I was on my weight loss journey, having a really clear vision of success in my head was really motivating!”
Alexandra lost over two stone following the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan and has maintained her weight loss for an impressive 500 days!  She continues to use our SlimFast shakes and meal replacement bars once a day to help maintain her weight and great shape. 

So, go on, get back on track and give it a go and see what you could achieve.

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