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Festive Activities that get you Moving

Wednesday 19th December
Festive Activities that get you Moving With exactly 6 days until Christmas, we know the last thing you’re thinking about is dieting and fitting in your daily exercise. But you’ll be pleased to know that getting into the Christmas spirit and all your festive activities can really get you moving and can count as unconventional exercise! Here are 6 little Slim Wins, try one for each day of the Christmas countdown!  
  1. Whip out the tinsel and baubles, the more the better— 30 minutes of tree decorating burns 85kcal
  1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving— 30 minutes of wrapping presents burns 48kcal
  1. Heading to Winter Wonderland or Somerset house?— 30 minutes of ice skating burns 250- 670kcal
  1. Last minute present shopping can be a good thing! —30 minutes of Christmas shopping burns 160kcal
  1. Bust out your best moves—30 minutes of dancing at your Christmas party burns 180kcal
  1. Go for a walk with family and friends after your big Christmas Dinner—30 minutes of light hiking burns 200kcal

Give it a go and see what you could achieve!

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