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Behind the scenes of our SlimFast Challenge video

Tuesday 22nd December
Behind the scenes of our SlimFast Challenge video After having her first child this year and with her wedding fast approaching Hannah turned to SlimFast for help to lose the last of her post baby weight in time for the big day. In just 8 weeks, Hannah had lost a stone, which sparked a new sassy, can-do attitude admired by her peers and by us. 

6 weeks into her diet we asked Hannah if she would feature in our SlimFast Challenge video and of course she was more than happy to help. Hannah did the SlimFast Challenge with one of her bridesmaids and shared our motivation to get everyone on the Challenge together via the SlimFast App. See below for the behind the scenes video from the shoot.

Hannah came to Newburgh Street in London, where we shot the video to help recruit as many people as possible to join the Challenge. Hannah represents everyone with a desire to shift that extra bit of weight but without the hassle. The new SlimFast Challenge is a fun, collective weight loss experience based on the SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan. 

Our app helps you keep track of your Challenges and follow a structured Plan. It also keeps you motivated with our countdown and mantras and you can share your progress with others on a Challenge. By taking pictures along the way you can create your own transformation GIF to show your SlimFast journey. The app is free to download from the App store and Google play.
We want to reach out to all those Wedding Dress Smashers, Post-Baby Go-Getters, Holiday Makers and Shakers and all you Fashion and Wardrobe Slayers. We are in it together, let make this happen!
Check out Hannah’s story here.
Check out the launch film here.

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