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Working from home essentials

Tuesday 7th April
Working from home essentials


Looking for a perfect home set up? We have you covered! SlimFast's top 5 working from home essentials will make conference calls, skype meetings, and distraction avoidance a cinch.


Keep the fun – it's not all about work! Inject a little fun into the team, move your Friday drinks online, use the games on HouseParty, and keep sharing laughs with each other. 


Water Bottle - staying hydrated is more important than ever and will help you focus. Try this handy bottle that tracks your refills; or try our office fav, the Chilly's bottle that keeps your water cold, you won't miss the cooler one bit.


Daily Planner - Enlist the help of a weekly planner, it will help you keep on track, and it even helps with the homeschooling. Have a Google for a good one to copy.


Wireless Headphones - hands-free headphones don't have to break the bank! This pair is a bargain, pick them up so you can squeeze in a few cheeky lunges whilst updating the team.


Post its - post it everything! It's easy to lose track of your emails and messages when everyone is working from home; track those creative ideas, to-do lists and reminders with colourful post its.


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