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NEW SlimFast Nutty Nougat Multipack

Monday 30th September
NEW SlimFast Nutty Nougat Multipack Our nutritiously Nutty Nougat bars are now even better!
It's snack o'clock with SlimFast, and we've got your back with new SlimFast Nutty Nougat bar multipacks!
Whether you're looking for a tasty low-calorie snack or looking to kick-start your weight loss journey with our 3.2.1. Plan. These bars are perfect for when hunger calls, at 96 calories, with a soft nougat & peanut centre coated in milk chocolate, they're as indulgent as they sound! So sit back and enjoy, go on, treat yourself!
Give the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan. a go and see what you could achieve.

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