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Summer of smashin’ it with SlimFast: Success Stories

Wednesday 29th May
Summer of smashin’ it with SlimFast: Success Stories  Here’s the spotlight on some of our SlimFast Smashers! Meet the fabulous ladies who’ve lost the weight in time for their big day, upcoming holiday or super mums who found time to shift their post-pregnancy weight.

Jennifer's Story

With the kids off for holidays, we know it can be a tall order trying to keep up with little ones 24/7. For Jennifer’s busy life as a working mum, “The SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan is very easy for me to follow and I don’t feel restricted. It’s changed my life. After my second child was born, I had put on a lot of weight and felt so unhealthy. That’s when I knew that I needed to become healthier and fitter, for my kids.”

“I work long hours and don’t have time to make breakfast and lunches, so I decided meal replacement shakes were the way to go. I tried shakes from two other brands but SlimFast’s tasted the best. My weight started to slowly come off, I’d lost almost 4 stone. I felt incredible and everyone’s comments motivated me more.”

“But one year ago, I was faced with some tough family events and my diet didn’t last. My weight crept on and before I knew it, I was 2 stone heavier. This year I made the decision to get back on my SlimFast journey and so far I’ve lost 19lbs and feel so much better for it.” Great job Jennifer! If you’ve fallen off the wagon and want to get back on track for summer, don’t be so hard on yourself. Like Jennifer,  start again and focus on being the best version of yourself.

Natalie's Story

Natalie dropped an amazing 6 dress sizes following the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan and is now sparkling with confidence. “My world became very different, I got married in a size 10 wedding dress, lived in a bikini for 2 weeks in Mexico and I can go shopping in any store I want to because everything fits. I had been overweight all my life and I convinced myself I was meant to be big. I was depressed, unhappy and anxious about meeting people I didn’t know. Now, I’m confident and happy. I’m a totally different person” We are so proud of you, Natalie – what an achievement.

Lauren's Story

Lauren started the plan with the aim to feel better about herself and gain her body confidence in time for her holiday.

“Now I am following the SlimFast Plan I feel so much better, I feel like I’ve taken control of my life rather than letting food and alcohol control me. I feel comfortable socializing at events with festivities and lots of food because I have control. I think following the SlimFast Plan is even more beneficial over a holiday, because you can enjoy it without feeling guilty.”

“I have used SlimFast before and had successful results. I also really like the routine and structure of the meal, snack, meal etc. I would 100% recommend SlimFast to others, the first few days are tough but stick to it!”

Lauren was so pleased with the results and as you can see from her pictures, she looked fabulous for her holiday!

Like these three inspiring ladies, no matter what your goal is for the summer, give it a go and see what you could achieve!

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