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Lucy Tinley before
Lucy Tinley after

Lucy Tinley

Post-Baby Go-Getters

HEIGHT: 5ft 9
New mum Lucy is looking hot after getting back to her pre-baby weight.
“Since a teenager I have always had to watch what I eat and one or two weeks of being good - usually cutting out carbs, sugar, alcohol or dairy; would usually do the trick but I’ve spent far too long than I would like to admit considering every mouthful. Back then it seemed to work for me."
"I had a baby in 2013 and my usual tactics were out of bounds and lived in a capsule wardrobe of leggings and long tops. My daughters first Christmas passed and I have one single picture of that moment in time, I was really cross with myself. Thereafter, on and off I tried different approaches that just weren’t liveable with an energetic nearly two year old, working and the guilt of not setting a good example. I was doing early morning circuit training pre-sun rise to get in shape but the food just wasn’t working for me, and every morning I would be ‘starting again’ or just living on eggs."
"Being in shape for my 30th birthday was my goal and it had been three years since I’d been even close to my pre-pregnancy happy weight. With two months to go, I knew I needed to shake it up a bit – but I didn’t have the time to spend planning recipes."
"On a friend’s suggestion I gave the SlimFast Plan a go. After a few weeks, I reached my pre-baby weight for my birthday. Woo hoo! I got there.”
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