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Katherine Howells

Post-Baby Go-Getters

HEIGHT: 5ft6
Katherine put on 5 stone while she was pregnant without really realising and got to a size 18. With a child, she no longer had the energy to exercise like she used to so she tried eating healthier but nothing worked. “I actually wasn’t convinced SlimFast would work, but I was so unhappy with myself, I had to try something. I’m amazed at how easy SlimFast has been to stick to, and for a good period of time. I thought at best it would be a kick-start, but actually I am finding that it is a diet plan that you can carry on for as long as you need to.” After beginning her journey with SlimFast, Katherine had dropped over 3 stone and is looking super fit and fab! We’re extremely proud of you!
“SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan is the easiest diet I’ve ever tried, and seeing the results so quickly really motivates you to carry on. You have a lot of flexibility - it involves a lot more actual food than I thought a shake diet would allow. I also find that there’s room for treats within the calories so I don’t feel like I am depriving myself. Once I reach my goal weight, I think I will probably keep a tub of powder in the cupboard as I have got so used to having a shake for breakfast.
Katherine’s typical day in the life of the 3.2.1. Plan starts with a shake mid-morning, usually the Caramel Temptation or Chunky Chocolate flavour, and another shake with 3 snacks and lots of water throughout the day. For the 600-calorie meal, she opts for a low-fat protein like chicken, fish and plenty of veg. “I have got really used to having a healthy meal in the evening and it has taught me you can do a lot with 600 calories. It has put my eating habits right!”
The Facebook Online Community has also been a huge source of motivation for Katherine to keep going. “There have been weeks where I haven’t lost anything, but the online community really helped me keep going. Everyone is so encouraging, in a really healthy way.”
“The best moment was when I put on a new jumper my husband bought for me after our son was born which couldn’t fit– but now it looks amazing. I’m so happy I went out on a limb and tried SlimFast. Nearly every day I have friends and colleagues asking me how I’ve done it, and I’m telling them all to get on the shakes whether you want to shift a few lbs for a holiday, or you’re in it for the long-haul like me transforming your body.”

You look amazing Katherine, great work! Join her and come be a part of our Facebook SlimFast Challenge community for motivation, tips and ideas to keep going on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan - You got this.
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