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Tom Clothery

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HEIGHT: 6ft3
"Sometimes a photo can really set-off an emotion and make you stop and think. In December, I returned from a work trip overseas and saw a photo of myself on the beach – I was horrified! I was very self-conscious on the beach as it was, and looking at the awful photo just reinforced a feeling I’d had before the trip, which had been building and building. Something had to change! Looking bloated and puffy, this beach picture is my nemesis, but it’s also great “thinspiration”!
I have a very busy job in the travel industry and one of my perks is travelling to some wonderful places, enjoying amazing calorific food, social events, drinks etc etc. In addition to that, we have a 4 year old son, and I was very aware that in recent months, keeping up with him was becoming harder, my knees were starting to hurt, I just felt bloated, heavy, unenthusiastic and a bit miserable with my size.
I’ve always been a terrible eater – my problem sometimes is actually under-eating during the day, to the point where come 3/4pm I’d be starving hungry and over indulge. All the wrong things, at the wrong time, as by then, my body is in starvation mode and the calories just stick. I’d then eat a late dinner, have some chocolate, more fizzy drinks, gallons of coffee with loads of sugar being my only intake during the day. I’d drink literally about 5-6 pints of this a day – horrific to think this now!
For me, I needed to know in advance what I could do to make this work, so on the run-up to the big start day, I bought all my fresh veggies & SlimFast, and anything I didn’t need to be eating, I gave to a food bank or made my partner eat it up quickly!
The first few days are quite tough, but you start with optimism, and after day 5-7 you start to feel a difference already – I felt less bloated cutting out all the excess coffee and just having one per day, and your insides begin to work better and feel better, no stomach cramps or heaviness.
I changed my entire diet, having boiled eggs or a chicken breast as a snack between my shakes means I’m never hungry and don’t feel I’m depriving myself of food, but I do look forward to my dinner with loads of fresh veg and chicken or fish and I enjoy cooking a lot more now, as I try to experiment and add new flavours and spices. I love chilli, and it’s great for your metabolism too!
The weight started to come off, in all honesty, with literally NO exercise, but after losing 2 stone, I felt ready to join the gym, and I felt much less self-conscious than I would have done 8 weeks earlier.
I now look and feel like a new person, my face has shape and definition for the first time in years, my chest is flatter, my waist is coming in and I’m feeling lighter, more energised, and full of life! It’s an unbeatable feeling, I literally have a spring in my step and it shows, even to strangers! I find myself smiling to myself a lot, and it feels amazing to be able to run around after our son and keep up with him. I’ll never go back to my old ways, this is the new me, to stay!"
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