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HEIGHT: 5ft2
I had always been bigger and overweight from my late teens, I always told myself this was just me. However, after having my son I went up to nearly 17 stone. I felt uncomfortable all of the time and had no confidence, I had tried other plans but they didn't work for me so I decided to give SlimFast a try. 

It was just after Christmas 2015, when I realised it was time. I was really struggling to help my son ride his bike, I couldn't run around with him and it felt awful. It was the trigger I needed.

I started following the SlimFast Plan in February 2016, I began by setting myself small goals of a stone at a time, as I started to lose weight and people started to notice. I found it such a confidence boost. One day, my son was giving me a hug and said "mummy I can get my arms all the way around you now", I was thrilled and felt so proud of what I achieved!

The structure of the plan suited me, it was simple but effective. A typical day would be a Cafe Latte shake for breakfast and meal replacement bar for lunch, followed by a 600-calorie dinner. I also love the snacks, SlimFast Pretzels are my favourite. I love that you can eat up to 6 times a day - I'm never hungry!

The next goal was for a holiday in Gran Canaria, in August 2016, it was our first big holiday and I wanted to feel my best around the pool. I hit my goal the morning we flew - it was simply the best holiday I've ever had!

To keep me on track, I also signed up for a 26-mile walk, something I wouldn't have even considered previously, but life was changing for the better and I wanted to challenge myself. In Sept 2016, I successfully completed the Macmillan Mighty Hike. I know I couldn't have done it without losing the weight and SlimFast. I now have so much confidence in myself.

Thank you SlimFast, my life is so much better.
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