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Angie Gilbert before
Angie Gilbert after

Angie Gilbert

Holiday Makers & Shakers

HEIGHT: 5 ft 4
Angie is back to feeling her best and has regained her ‘I will’ power using the NEW SlimFast Advanced Vitality 4 in 1 Action weight loss capsules. So far she’s lost an impressive 1 stone 6lbs.
“I couldn’t be happier! I have much more energy and I’m brimming with confidence.  When I was younger, I was naturally slim and enjoyed treating myself to new clothes. As I got older the weight just crept on after having my 3 children, I really struggled to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and when I hit 40 it seemed harder than ever to lose any weight. I tried a number of different weight loss diets but never really found a plan that worked for me.
In September 2018, it hit me that things had to change. I was at my heaviest, weighing over 14 stone and feeling very low. Even bending over to do up my shoes was a challenge – it was time to focus! I wanted to feel better about myself, to feel healthy and make sure I had the best possible chance of staying in good health as I got older. I set myself a challenge to feel fab before I was 50!
With a husband and three kids, life is always busy, so I needed a simple and effective plan. I saw the new SlimFast Advanced Vitality 4 in 1 Action capsules being advertised and decided to give them a go. I started on the plan straight away and found it so easy— you simply take the three capsules 30 minutes before each meal, followed by a glass of water with each capsule you take. You still get to eat three healthy meals throughout the day!
The SlimFast Advanced Vitality 4 in 1 Action capsules helped curb my cravings and made it easier for me to stick to my allocated three meals a day. Whereas whenever I’ve tried to follow a diet before, I always end up reaching for the biscuit tin in between meals! I love that the capsules are so simple to take. It doesn’t make you feel like you’re on a diet at all! It’s also really helped my water consumption because I take the capsule with a glass of water, then have another glass straight after so I know I’m getting the recommended water intake each day.
I’m going on holiday in July and can’t wait to be in my swimwear on the beach. The best feeling has been being able to get back into my old wardrobe— I’ve been trying on all my old summer clothes and can now fit back into the jumpsuit I wore when I was in Ibiza 8 years ago – I never thought I would see the day!  Summer’s nearly here and I’ve never felt better – bring it on!”
Major congratulations to Angie for smashing her weight loss goals!
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