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Anette Dearden

Fashion & Wardrobe Slayers

Annette first started her journey with SlimFast in August 2018 and to date, she has lost an impressive 4 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes!
“I was 17 stone and 5ft – my BMI was over the top. My consultant advised that I should lose weight, and so I made up my mind to begin try SlimFast. I have two shakes a day and a low-calorie meal for dinner; I also make sure to drink plenty of water: 8 glasses!”
“I also bought a treadmill and started walking 15 minutes a day, gradually increasing this until I was walking for an hour every other day. So far, I have lost 4 stone and the pounds are continuing to come off.  Seeing my dress size reduce from 24 to 16 is the most satisfying feeling ever.”
Congratulations on your transformation! Annette is a great example that staying hydrated and getting active while following the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan can really make a difference. This doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym every day, like Annette, start gently and build the exercise up slowly. Doing something you enjoy means you’re more likely to stick to it!
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