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Hannah Neil


HEIGHT: 5ft 7inches
Since having her first child earlier this year, Hannah had tried various approaches to dieting and steadily lost three of the four stone she put on during pregnancy. With weeks to go until her wedding in December (2015) and a last stubborn stone to shift, Hannah was more determined than ever to take on the SlimFast Challenge.
In just 8 weeks, Hannah had lost a stone, which sparked a new sassy, can-do attitude admired by her peers. She was delighted at her final wedding dress fitting with room to spare and alterations needed!
Hannah found the SlimFast Plan effective and beyond her expectations having never tried a meal replacement approach before. It suited her on-the-go lifestyle as a busy mum as the versatility of the Plan meant she could still enjoy snacks throughout the day and an evening meal with her partner.
“Before the diet I felt bloated & really unconfident. I just couldn't shift the last pregnancy stone. I was racing against the clock to get into my wedding dress in time for my wedding! I didn't realise but I'm actually lighter now than when I purchased my dress last spring! I've got my confidence back & I’ve had to have my wedding dress taken in quite a bit!
I definitely recommend SlimFast to others! One of my bridesmaids is already on the Plan & another bridesmaid will try the SlimFast Challenge after Christmas when it's New Year's resolution time!
My advice for other SlimFast users… stick at it. The beauty of SlimFast is the tasty products and convenient way in which you can just grab a shake or meal replacement bar & be out of the door. It's a blessing in disguise when you have children and don't have time to prepare every meal! The weight comes off steadily and at this pace it should stay off.”
We kept in touch with Hannah to hear all about her wedding and how her special day went. Here is what she said:
“I had such an incredible wedding day! I was so nervous but what I didn't have to feel nervous about was how I looked and felt in my dress! Thanks to SlimFast I was much slimmer than I would have otherwise managed to be on my day. I felt confident & pretty, SlimFast was my saviour!”
(Hannah St George did the SlimFast Challenge with one of her bridesmaids. Check out Hannah Wright’s story here.)
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