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Top 5 Tips to Survive the Festive Season…

Tuesday 20th November
Top 5 Tips to Survive the Festive Season… How is it the end of November already? Where has that time gone, seriously?! Fear not, we are here and we’ve got your back! We are under no illusion that this is a hard time of year to be on a diet, we know there is so much temptation around. But, having said, that you can still boss it in the run up to Christmas so you can dazzle at the office Christmas party and enjoy a guilt-free Christmas day. Here’s some top tips to help you stay on track, feel empowered about saying no and show those doubters how it is done! Let’s do this... 
  1. Flex those creative skills and be inventive with your shakes, snacks and meals. We’ve seen some seriously impressive concoctions on our SlimFast Facebook Community page so give it a go and show us your amazing creations. As long as you stick to 3, 100cal snacks, 2 shakes or meal replacement bars and 1 sensible 600cal meal (800cal for men) then you can be as creative as you like! See above one of our personal favourites (Blend SlimFast Advanced Vitality Chocolate, 1/2 banana, 2tsps peanut butter, 250ml skimmed milk and ice - delicious! This counts as a meal and a snack but it is worth it!)...
  1. ALWAYS carry a snack bar. When the chocolates come out indulge in a guilt-free snack bar - chocolate fix sorted and still on track. Win, win. Extra tip - cut it into small pieces or even pop it in the fridge so it lasts even longer. 
  1. Take a walk, we are super hard workers and tend to sit down at our desks for a large percentage of the day. Even if it is a 5 min walk you’ll keep those cravings at bay and you’ll probably increase your productivity at the same time! Grab a co-worker and have a good natter! We know it is a little colder but simply add an extra layer, wrap up and embrace the fresh winter air. At the weekend try to increase your walking time. Need to Christmas shop? No problem, shopping definitely helps get those steps up and flexes those arm muscles ;-)
  1. Treat yourself to a flash new mug or water bottle and drink MORE water. We know it can be dull but there are so many benefits to drinking water. We all need a reminder and some extra motivation to drink more.
  1. Remind yourself why you started this journey, stay strong! Need some advice or helpful tips? Don’t forget you can always give us a call, we are more than happy to talk to you about our SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan, our products or just to hear how you are getting on. Alternatively speak to our amazing group on our Facebook community or any of our social channels.
Give it a go and see what you could achieve!

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