We wanted to make losing weight easy, which is why we created our special Slim·Fast 3·2·1 Plan. And it really works!

Slim·Fast 3·2·1 Plan is built around a selection of tasty meal replacement products, mouth-watering 600-calorie meals (800 for men) and tempting snacks.

You can even make it chocolate time with the Heavenly Chocolate Delight Snack Bar! Enjoy three delicious snacks, two meal replacement products and one balanced meal, and eat up to six times a day. Create your own plan by picking the flavours you love. You’ll see the results in no time!

Just choose the way you want to use the 3·2·1 Plan to fit you – the great thing about the Plan is that it’s flexible. First off, there’s a fast-track option in which you follow the 3·2·1 Plan exactly to achieve your weight goal. We can help you set your target, and stick to it!

Or you can make the 3·2·1 Plan fit your busy life by completing the plan during the week, but having more freedom at the weekend. Weight loss will be more gradual, and you’ll stay on the diet longer to reach your goal. Enjoy the extra flexibility that brings you down to your perfect size!

Then there’s the moment you’ve reached your weight goal. Give yourself a high five! And you can replace one meal with a meal replacement product – instead of two – to help maintain your new weight. So you can continue to enjoy the new, slimline you!



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